Fraud Risk Assessment, Deterrence, and Investigation

Since the day man first had something of value, someone else wanted to take it. Today some use a gun, but many don’t. More is stolen each year with a pen or a few keystrokes than with a gun. An armed robbery is just one event that’s over in minutes. But a thief inside your company can steal hundreds of times for years before being caught — or not.

You might have the wrong idea about the “model” employee who never takes a sick day or vacation. They may never be absent because they can’t — their theft may be uncovered during an absence. Good internal controls serve as a lock on your cash box. And if you don’t secure your assets, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone with need, greed and opportunity takes them. Predovich & Company can help you with prevention. Or if it’s too late, we can give you the means to pursue.

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