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Predovich and Company has extensive experience in Litigation Support, Expert Witness services, Fraud Examinations, Forensic Accounting, Internal Control Assessment, Fraud Prevention and consulting services related to these topics.

Dan Predovich’s experience since 1972 in law enforcement combined with his credentials as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified in Financial Forensics and a Certified Information Technology Professional is unsurpassed.

He served as Sheriff’s Deputy/Sergeant/Investigator/Training Officer for the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Collins, Colorado. He worked undercover narcotics, internal affairs and investigations for the Glendale Police Department. He served as a senior investigator for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office after which he was hired by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as a Field Agent. Subsequently, Dan took a position with the Colorado State Attorney General. This rapid advancement in law enforcement and the significant experience in the criminal justice system gives Dan a unique skill set and experience when combined with his professional credentials.

Dan has considerable experience in testifying in State, Federal and Grand Jury litigation matters over the last 35 years. He has testified in both criminal and civil courts.

We have developed a significant practice segment in internal control assessment, fraud prevention and litigation consulting. We work with companies to help them prevent problems from occurring.

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Fraud  Risk Assessment, Deterrence, and Investigation

Since the day man first had something of value, someone else wanted to take it. Today some use a gun, but many don’t. More is stolen each year with a pen or a few keystrokes than with a gun. An armed robbery is just one event that’s over in minutes. But a thief inside your company can steal hundreds of times for years before being caught — or not.

You might have the wrong idea about the “model” employee who never takes a sick day or vacation. They may never be absent because they can’t — their theft may be uncovered during an absence. Good internal controls serve as a lock on your cash box. And if you don’t secure your assets, you shouldn’t be surprised when someone with need, greed and opportunity takes them. Predovich & Company can help you with prevention. Or if it’s too late, we can give you the means to pursue.

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